To find your goal you first have to take a good look at where you are in your life.

Are you satisfied with what results you can have achieved till now? Most people don’t even set goals or know where to start. Confusion sets in and we instead we work toward something we “know” we can achieve. That is NOT a worthy goal. It is important to have a highly desirable goal in which you can impress images of yourself doing exactly what you desire. This is something you really want that sparks the typical daydream or fantasy. Set a goal that pushes the limits of your mind to the point that it excites you but makes you feel uncomfortable. You have an uncomfortable feeling because you have no idea how to reach it! Now that IS a worthy goal!

OK, so this is all well and good but…… I DON’T KNOW! That’s what you’re saying right. It took me till I was in my late 20’s for someone to walk up to me and ask me what I wanted to do with my life. My immediate reaction is to DO for everyone else and not for myself. After doing this for so long it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable and confused when someone wants to know what YOU want and desire. So this was the point in my life I had to sit down, ALONE, and THINK. I thought about what I was good at and if that made me happy. To be completely honest….. I lost it. I soon realized that I have lived my entire life to please everyone else. So it was time to dig really deep and write down all the ideas that rolled around in my busy mom head. From there I uncovered the most beautiful and enlightening goals I could have only dreamed of and dismissed before. I now have a worthy goal! Think long and hard about something you would do if money wasn’t a factor!

Setting a worthy goal is giving you direction.

It gives you a path to “the good life”. Without a goal, it would be like walking through a dark cave with no flashlight and not expecting to smash into the cold stone walls. Instead, with a goal in your hand you hold a light of faith with a rope of desire around your heart; which will lead you toward that beautiful light you envision in your mind. It’s a choice. Choose with your heart.



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