How Does Coaching With Sarah Work?


Sarah mentors and coaches you throughout the Thinking Into Results program. In-depth individual one-on-one coaching sessions designed to focus intensely on one key element, your success. Whether you are a ‘self-starter’ or not, ┬áit cannot be overstated that having someone guide you who has already been guided by a master, is paramount to your getting the absolute best from the program.

A call (voice or video conference) will be scheduled once a week to review each lesson, additional material, and questions. She will help you understand and apply the material in a way which will bring you closer to your goals. If you do not understand the material, you cannot apply it properly.

Many times throughout this program you will come up against situations in your life that were caused by your previous thought patterns. Guidance is offered through the sessions as the material is transferable in ALL areas of your life.

Sarah L Breen

What Is Expected Of You?

Sarah will monitor your progress throughout the 12 modules of Thinking Into Results. Each session builds upon the last while unlocking the very answers you have been asking most of your life. You will be asked to work with the material for an hour a day to achieve the maximum benefit of the program and your sessions with Sarah. This commitment will create the focus required to achieve everything you desire. If you follow this proven step-by-step process of success, you will achieve your desires at an alarming rate.

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What Will You Need?

  1. A willingness to learn and grow
  2. A burning desire to create the life you envision yourself living
  3. New ideas that will move you forward faster than you thought possible
  4. To begin to believe in yourself
  5. Computer & the internet to access the material and presentations
  6. Open mind & committed decision!

Bob Proctor On Mentoring

Successful people never reach their goals alone…