We often hear these phrases as children and into adulthood:

“dreams are for dreamers”

“get your head out of the clouds!”

“quit daydreaming!”

Yes, we have heard them all. As children, we were open to the world around us. We asked questions like “why is the sky blue?” or “why is the grass green?. We asked questions because we were little sponges, soaking up the world around us and interpreting it as we go. Some of our parents answered our questions with honesty, some answered with a joke, and some answer “just because”.

But as parents, the real question should have been “what is happening to our child’s mind?” Our children are developing an awareness faster than the speed of light. In fact, children are much closer to our creator because they dream. They use their gift of imagination and start creating their life from day one.

Just think about it for a moment….

When your child was born, they were natural dreamers and goal achievers. They placed an image in their mind of crawling and they start to crawl. They may fall a few times. But they keep trying until they have achieved their dream. Then they wanted to move around faster. They saw the adults walking on two legs. They explored those things called feet on themselves and started to dream. Not long after the determination and an impressive dream, they are running!

“Well, that’s easy to say that Sarah! That is part of the babies development.” I know that is what your thinking, but let’s take your understanding to a different level.

In high school, we are handed a sheet of paper to take a test on what career you would be good at. Then we are all asked, “what college are you going to and what are you majoring in?”.

Just like that, we are placed in motion to work toward another goal….. but it that your dream?

Go back to the top and read those statements again, “Dreams are for dreams!”. Your mind just took a trip down memory lane to the time when you were small and those statements made their way into your mind. We were programmed young to stop using our imagination and dream.

I tell my clients every day “blow the lid off your mind and dream like a 10-year-old!”. Start to use your imagination and dream again! Dreams build goals…. goals leads to actions… and actions lead to success. Now success doesn’t come without failures. But just like that little baby trying to walk, failure is a natural part of the process.

Thomas Edison stated that he “found 10,000 ways the bulb did not light”. But he had a dream, an image, help in his mind of his success. That dream is all he needed to put himself into action and never give up.

So what’s stopping you from dreaming like a child and DOING something powerful in your life? What is stopping you? Be honest with yourself.

My mission every day is to help open your mind. To open your inner eye. See what is inside that you knew was there but never had to courage to pursue. We all have deep reservoirs of talent and ability….. find it and you, and everyone around you, will be greatly rewarded.

So dream today for a beautiful tomorrow.



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